Dirty Thirty – The Big Bash

A few weeks ago I hosted a 30th birthday bash for my husband.  The fiesta inspired soiree was a huge hit thanks to all the little details and the steady flow of alcoholic beverages.

Here’s a few pictures from the big bash! enjoy!

{Dress festive. Sombreros and mustaches will be provided}

 The table was set with a burlap runner, colorful margarita glasses,  and each chair adorned with a sombrero. To create an outdoors feel inside,  streamers and lights were draped across the room. It wasn’t Mexico…but it was close.

{Nom Nom Nom}

The night started with light snacks which included Corn Salsa, Beer Cheese Dip, Salsa, and Guacamole. To add a festive flair,  I  created a make shift menu board using the black background of a huge picture in my dining room.  I also posted a smaller menu on one of the tables.

The corn salsa and beer cheese dip appetizers were both a huge hit and the recipes can be found here and here.

For dinner we made delicious tacos thanks to the two recipes I found on How Sweet It Is blog.  We served Crockpot Beer Cheese Tacos and BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos. They were both amazing! And How Sweet It Is blog is a must read for any fabulous foodie.

On another note -I highly recommend Crock Pot cooking for a party – you basically just throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, turn on the heat, leave it for a while, and when you return a delicious meal is ready to be served.  Genius!


A small bar was sent up using the “Bar” sign I created in my last post.  I strategically mounted each letter to the wall using Command Restickable Hooks. I also used the restickable hooks outside to hang the lights and streamers. When you remove them they leave no marks, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your walls.

{Say Queso}

A DIY photo booth was set up using a piece of Damask fabric from a local fabric store and….

Hand made props were set up on a table for guests to grab and strike a pose!

{Hit me with your best shot}

We couldn’t have a fiesta without  a pinata! It was filled with candy, toothpaste and erasers….Random. But funny. Especially when everything fell to the floor.


For dessert we served cake, of course! Plus root beer floats, ice cream, and cupcakes.  I’m not sure if carrot cake is a fiesta staple but that is what the birthday boy asked for and that is what he got.

The night was a lot of fun.  We incorporated a beer tasting with four craft beers, one was a maple bacon doughnut beer that everyone was really excited to try.  At every party I like to add an element that allows everyone to interact somehow.  We tried to have a dance off, but only one person was brave enough to break out their moves.

At the end of the night the 30th birthday fiesta was a huge success and worth the weeks of planning.   Everyone had a great time and I can’t wait to plan the next party!

Happy planning! xoxo

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