To the {Mini} Moon and Back

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With grad school and wedding planning on my to-do list for the last few months the last thing on my mind was a figuring out a honeymoon.  I know it sounds odd…who would pass up a vacation? But with a dwindling bank account I didn’t want to spend another penny.  So we opted to postpone the honeymoon and instead go on a mini-moon until we’re fully recovered from all the wedding fun and bills.

We looked into Napa Valley, Saint Lucia and New York City – all very different I know.

We really wanted to go to Napa but I couldn’t find a direct flight into San Fransisco without flying out of Miami….which I will never do ever again. Then we looked into Saint Lucia and found a lot of really nice resorts. Some even included all-inclusive packages which seemed like a good idea. But we live in Florida and I’m not a fan of lounging around doing nothing. So, then I checked out New York City since it’s just a short flight away and there’s tons to do.  After hours of searching we finally decided on…Denver, Colorado.

Here is why we decided on Colorado.

Budget – We didn’t want to spend over $2,000 on the trip so after searching for hotels, flights and things to do Colorado made more sense.  Plus, we’ve never been there and have always wanted to go.  The only downside, there will be no snow.

Flight – Only about 4 hours away from Florida we could book a direct flight after my last final at 5:30pm and fly straight into Denver. The prices were reasonable at only $150 each way per person and we could conveniently rent a car and pay for everything together.

Hotel – Instead of staying at just one hotel we will be bouncing around (just twice).  The room rates were also pretty inexpensive at round $170 per night considering each hotel was well know and pretty high-end. One hotel even offered a YSL package which include two VIP passes to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and chocolate…they had me at chocolate.

Fun – I heard only good things about Denver and we plan on horseback riding, taking the train through the mountains, sight-seeing, shopping and of course food.  So far on my foodie to do list: Rioja, Snooze, Wynkoop Brewing Co., Ghost Plate and Tap, LOLA and Stueben’s.

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable trip!  Pictures will be up soon.


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 I sent my wedding invitations out last Friday and have been receiving the reply cards in the mail ever since. As exciting as it is, it makes the wedding that much more real.

Surprisingly, I’m not nervous about the actual wedding I’m more stressed about what happens after the wedding.  For the past two years I have been a bride-to-be, planning and gushing in the limelight of wedded bliss.  My time has been taken up by appointments, fittings and answering questions about color combinations, dinner options and music selections.  My stress has been the result of choosing wedding cakes, bridesmaid dresses and staying on budget.

So, what happens after the wedding? Do you disappear and become the old married couple. Do questions switch from “When are you getting married?” to “When are you having kids?”  I’m not prepared! I’m not sure I can handle it….

But then again…Is it really even that big of a deal or am I just over reacting…..

Happy planning! xoxo