Guest Welcome Kits

If your planning a party and think you can get away with forgoing favors, think again. A simple gift to thank your guests is always appreciated and if you put a little thought into it, it can make a big impression.  It took me awhile to put together the perfect I put together a welcome box for guests of our wedding and they were a huge hit.  You can read about them here.

If your looking for something out of the box…Check out these creative suggestions.

Watered Down:

Water Favor
Etsy is a life saver! Especially when planning a wedding.  ClementineWeddings has an array of muslin bags that can be easily tied to a bottle of water for a simple gift.

S’More to Love:

TheFavorBox is your one stop shop for party favors. The ready to fill boxes and gift bags take the stress out of gift giving. There’s lot to choose from and a theme for everyone. All you have to do is add the goodies.

Simple and Chic:

favor bag
A cute personalized bag filled with just the necessities is a perfect way to show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be filled to the rim, just add a few well thought out items and tie it with a bow.

Happy planning! xoxo

Woof – Dogs at Weddings

If you have a dog and are debating whether or not you should include him or her in your wedding — the answer is YES! But, please, do not dress them in cheesy tuxedos and frilly dresses. After a quick Pinterest search I found a few cute pups ready to walk down the aisle. Enjoy!


Wedding Paws{image source}

Keep is simple and sophisticated with a thin ribbon and fresh flower.

Golden{image source}

If your pooch is well-behaved opt for a full wreath with flowers that compliment your bouquet. Make sure the flowers are dog friendly!

bow times{image source}

Match your dogs bow tie with the wedding party for a chic look.

If you are looking for dog friendly attire check out these Etsy shops – LA Dog Shop, Bow Wow Couture and Me and Matilda.

Happy planning! xoxo

Bash Box: An Outdoor Affair

I love parties but sometimes the thought of putting everything together can get a little stressful.  Borrow the Bash is a new company that takes the stress out of party planning. Here is a sneak peek of one of the party boxes launching soon.

Hosting a dinner party can be stressful! Between planning the menu, gathering the goods and cleaning up the house, you are bound to break a sweat — and maybe a glass or two. Borrow the Bash is here to help. With the curated dinner party you can turn a bland space into a twinkling affair. Complete with everything you need to entertain to a group of 10-12 guests. Check out Borrow the Bash for more details.


What you get:

  • Dinner Plates
  • Dessert Plates
  • Wooden Utensils
  • Paper Straws
  • Fancy Cups
  • Napkins
  • Bakers Twine
  • (2) Lanterns
  • (2) Glass Flower Vases
  • Tea Lights
  • Favor Bags
  • Printed Cupcake Liners
  • Skewers
  • Chevron Runner (optional)

Navy and Gold

I started watching a new reality show about newlyweds on my favorite channel Bravo. During one of the episodes there was a garden party in Georgia that included fabulous decor. It was a little bit Southern, a little bit preppy, and a whole lot of amazingness.  I am pretty sure the color combo included navy and gold…but I could be making that up. Either way here is a little swanky navy and gold inspiration. My new favorite color combo!

Table Setting

{image source}


{image source}


{image source}


{image source}


{image source}

Happy planning! xoxo

Happy Anniversary Little Blog

The Journey

I can’t believe it.  Today when I signed on to write a new blog post I was greeted with a message celebrating my blogging anniversary.  It’s been three years since I started this blog. Which means I have been writing about wedded bliss, job searches and grad school drama for a really long time. Three years? Crazy.

Well, thanks for reading. I started The Undomestic Bride as a way to jot down my thoughts and inspirations.  It’s been an interesting challenge and hopefully, you still enjoy reading. For the past few months I have been too busy to think about writing but plan on posting at least twice a week with pretty pictures and tips for brides-to-be and newlyweds.

Happy Anniversary little blog!  Because of you I have  met very interesting people, been offered writing opportunities and have a little piece of the web.  It’s been an awesome ride and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


A little gold goes a long way {Bridal Shower Inspiration}

I am in love with this gold and pink color combination! This inspiration board is perfect for a chic bridal shower, birthday bash, or brunch.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Happy planning! xoxo

We’re Kinda Famous, again!

I normally hate Monday’s. But this morning, I received an email from Floridian Weddings, a fabulous wedding blog that highlights real weddings in Florida, that our wedding was published on their blog! What a great way to start the week! It’s super exciting to see your event showcased and thanks to our amazing photographers, we have graced a few blogs!  You can check out our wedding here, and our engagement session here!

Florida Wedding inspiration

I am still in love with every detail of our wedding and I can’t  believe it has been exactly nine months since we got married. I also can’t get over the fact that we pulled off an amazing wedding while I was actively searching for a job – I had an interview the day before my wedding and received a job offer the same day from a different company, started grad school – 20-page research papers are nothing compared to picking out the perfect pair of shoes to walk down the aisle in, and without a wedding planner – crazy but totally doable!  I am not sure how we managed but we did and it was amazing. It’s proof that anything is possible!

So how did we do it? Check out three of my recent posts to help you manage stress, stay on budget, and walk down the aisle in style! enjoy! Ooh! and don’t forget to check out our wedding on Floridian Wedding!

The “B” Word- Sticking to a budget is definitely not the most exciting part of planning a wedding and the idea of cutting corners on your special day can be disappointing.  But with a little organization and self-control, sticking to a plan doesn’t have to be constricting.

WED – Without Wedding Designer I’m not against hiring a planner by any means but as a bride on a budget it was too hard to part with valuable wedding money when there were so many other details to worry about and pay for.  If you are considering coordinating your own event without the help of a planner here are a few tips to make sure your day is worry free.

With These Shoes I Thee Wed-I’m not sure what was going through my head when I walked into Nordstrom and walked out with a pair of shoes that I will be paying off for the next ten years.  It just felt natural. I tried on other shoes but these…just made me feel magical…and really tall! With the extra height I added to my petite frame (thanks to the five-inch heels) I felt like I could conquer the world….then again – The aisle is my runway!

Happy planning! xoxo

Trash the Dress 101

PSphotography{image source}

Last minute location changes seem to be the norm when my husband and I plan our photo shoots but luckily, we have a creative photographer that can turn ordinary fields into beautiful meadows.

With my love for horses and my husband’s laid-back attitude, we put on our fancy clothes and headed to the barn. Literally.

The photo shoot started with a tire swing hanging from an old tree in the yard of an unsuspecting homeowner and ended with the sun setting by the horse stables. With my cowboy boots in tow, we posed and smiled as the photographer snapped away. Even though I cringed at the dirt and feared for my freshly pressed wedding dress, I took a deep breath and enjoyed the experience. A little dirt never hurt anyone, right?

To our surprise, the finished product looked more like a magazine spread and less like a manure filled paddock and we were really happy with the results.

As for my dress, I am happy to report; no dirt or stains were found.

Three tips to trash your dress with out actually trashing your dress.

1) Plan ahead: Scout your location before the shoot to determine what you need to bring with you. Knowing the environment before you go will help ease your fear of ruining your dress.

2) Bring protection: More than likely, you will be sitting on the ground. Possibly in dirt. Stop by your local fabric store and grab a yard or two of burlap or fabric that will blend well with the location. In all of my “on the ground” shots, I was placed on top of burlap. But you would probably never know from looking. With a little styling and strategically placed fabric, you can enjoy the experience without worrying if you gown is getting dirty. I held the end of my long dress in my hands the whole time and when we did a full length shot with the train of the dress down, our photographer helped delicately place my dress down.

3) Leave your heels at home: Since your photo session is supposed to be more fun than formal, leave your fancy heels at home and pose in a pretty pair of rain boots instead. Can’t live with out your Louboutins? Don’t worry, you can don your pretty duds with the help of painters tape and heel guards. But please remember, heels and dirt don’t mix, so plan accordingly.

WED: Without Event Designer

{image source)

When I was planning my wedding I toyed with the idea of hiring an event planner. The thought of hiring someone to take care of all the little details seemed like a dream until I contacted a few local companies and received a few not-so cheap quotes.  At roughly one thousand dollars for a day-of coordinator (also known as eight hours of service) I decided to forgo the planner and build my own mini team to ensure the day would be a success.  I’m not against hiring a planner by any means but as a bride on a budget it was too hard to part with that amount of money when there were so many other details to take care of.  If you are considering coordinating your own event without the help of a planner here are a few tips to make sure your day is worry free.

Have a vision: Build a vision board on Pinterst or put together a scrapbook of magazine clippings.  This will help you communicate with your vendors more clearly and help eliminate any design confusion. Sometimes talking to creative people is a little more difficult than your average person…Your perfect pale pink might be someone else’s bright fuchsia.

Stay Organized: They sell wedding organizers everywhere and if you are planning your wedding solo having one on hand is a good idea.  Some organizers can be a bit overwhelming. So if you are looking for something simple try designing your own notebook here or here.

Build a Mini Team: If you are getting married at a hotel or restaurant, you will probably have the honor of working with a catering manager. My catering manager was amazing and helped with everything a wedding coordinator would have done. The only difference I didn’t have to shell out any additional money. He was included in my venue fee! If you are planning your wedding without a catering manager or venue manager, utilize your friends and family and even your vendors! For example, if you are hiring a photographer – Sit with her/him and go over the wedding timeline. If the company you are using has been in the business for a while then they are probably wedding pros and can give you some tips on what they have seen work in regard to timing the cake cutting, garter toss,  etc… Having a clear timeline will also help keep the wedding moving and if you pick one person to be the ring leader, that timeline will definitely be an asset.

Don’t Worry: With a vision and a plan you will be surprised how things fall in to place.  I was recently at my best friend’s wedding and she had no help and a very tight budget.  She was stressed up until the morning of her wedding and luckily everything went perfectly…It usually does.  And if it doesn’t, the hiccups will make for some good stories later on!

Happy Planning! xoxo

Dirty Thirty – The Big Bash

A few weeks ago I hosted a 30th birthday bash for my husband.  The fiesta inspired soiree was a huge hit thanks to all the little details and the steady flow of alcoholic beverages.

Here’s a few pictures from the big bash! enjoy!

{Dress festive. Sombreros and mustaches will be provided}

 The table was set with a burlap runner, colorful margarita glasses,  and each chair adorned with a sombrero. To create an outdoors feel inside,  streamers and lights were draped across the room. It wasn’t Mexico…but it was close.

{Nom Nom Nom}

The night started with light snacks which included Corn Salsa, Beer Cheese Dip, Salsa, and Guacamole. To add a festive flair,  I  created a make shift menu board using the black background of a huge picture in my dining room.  I also posted a smaller menu on one of the tables.

The corn salsa and beer cheese dip appetizers were both a huge hit and the recipes can be found here and here.

For dinner we made delicious tacos thanks to the two recipes I found on How Sweet It Is blog.  We served Crockpot Beer Cheese Tacos and BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos. They were both amazing! And How Sweet It Is blog is a must read for any fabulous foodie.

On another note -I highly recommend Crock Pot cooking for a party – you basically just throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, turn on the heat, leave it for a while, and when you return a delicious meal is ready to be served.  Genius!


A small bar was sent up using the “Bar” sign I created in my last post.  I strategically mounted each letter to the wall using Command Restickable Hooks. I also used the restickable hooks outside to hang the lights and streamers. When you remove them they leave no marks, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your walls.

{Say Queso}

A DIY photo booth was set up using a piece of Damask fabric from a local fabric store and….

Hand made props were set up on a table for guests to grab and strike a pose!

{Hit me with your best shot}

We couldn’t have a fiesta without  a pinata! It was filled with candy, toothpaste and erasers….Random. But funny. Especially when everything fell to the floor.


For dessert we served cake, of course! Plus root beer floats, ice cream, and cupcakes.  I’m not sure if carrot cake is a fiesta staple but that is what the birthday boy asked for and that is what he got.

The night was a lot of fun.  We incorporated a beer tasting with four craft beers, one was a maple bacon doughnut beer that everyone was really excited to try.  At every party I like to add an element that allows everyone to interact somehow.  We tried to have a dance off, but only one person was brave enough to break out their moves.

At the end of the night the 30th birthday fiesta was a huge success and worth the weeks of planning.   Everyone had a great time and I can’t wait to plan the next party!

Happy planning! xoxo