Brioche French Toast

Last weekend I walked into Whole Foods and this happened….

Brioche French Toast….and it was amazing.

So this is what you do.  Drive to Whole Foods, grab a loaf of Brioche Butter Bread, pay for it, go home, slice it,and follow the directions of your favorite French Toast recipe.  It’s simple and you will adore it.


Easy Quinoa Salad

I have a new obsession with Quinoa [KEEN-wah]. Not only is it fun to say it is also really delicious and versatile.  This little grain-like super food is the perfect addition to any meal and an easy fix for a quick lunch or dinner.  My first attempt at quinoa was a simple veggie salad. I chopped up a cucumber, tomato, and yellow bell pepper and and sprinkled on some feta cheese, It was magical.  Check out the recipe below.



Super Simple Quinoa Salad

In a saucepan, bring 1 cup of chicken broth to a boil.

Stir in 1 cup of quinoa.

Reduce heat to med low and cover.

Cook 15 minutes, until liquid is absorbed.

Transfer to a large bowl and cool.

Stir in your favorite veggies – I used a cucumber, tomato and a bell pepper

Add cheese into cooled quinoa.

Drizzle with your favorite dressing

Mix and enjoy!


A Little Gold Goes a Long Way – Home Edition

I have been a little busy lately. I recently started a new job and my school schedule has been insane. Needless to say, I have had no time to blog.  And as a result, my little space in the digital world has suffered.

Thankfully, I received an email asking if I would accept a guest blog post.  It was like the blog fairy (no relation to the Tooth Fairy) knew I needed help.  I graciously accepted and you can read the post below.

Thank you, Mari for sending this over.  Enjoy! xoxo
Hello, all! How exciting to be here with you at The Undomestic Bride today with a guest post from Arcadian Home. It’s a wonderful place to find lots of interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from fabulous contemporary floor lamps to colorful decorative pillows and much more.

While exploring The Undomestic Bride, I ran across a post entitled “A Little Gold Goes a Long Way” with a mood board for a pink and gold bridal shower. That gave me the inspiration for this guest post.

Today, we’re going to tour eight spaces that show how a touch or two or ten of gold can’t bring life to rooms of all sorts. As you’ll see, gold works well with many color palettes, pink and far beyond. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me stop by to share.

~ Mari

Bits of Gold

Big art, just a touch of leopard and a lovely gray palette, what more could a girl ask for? Perhaps a bit of gold here and there—on the ornate torchiere lamps, coffee table and stool legs.

Bits of Gold

A golden sunburst mirror is a glamorous touch of gold in this sedate green living room. It has such an elegant yet comfortable feel.

Bits of Gold

Gold accents are especially beautiful in black and white interiors. The gold base on the round tulip style table is an unexpected but lively touch.

Bits of Gold

Bits of gold around this feminine bath—brass drum table, cage pendant light and vanity chair, all add their own special look.

Bits of Gold

This white bedroom goes for the gold, with one papered wall. I really like the frilly look of the golden branches in the wallpaper. A modern pendant light adds another element of gold to the room.

Bits of Gold

One single touch of gold, a tiny pendant light over the farmhouse sink, goes a long way in this pretty and functional kitchen.

Bits of Gold

Antiqued gold finishes on the tall table lamp, nesting tables and étagère add restrained glamour to this sophisticated living room.

Bits of Gold

A delicate brass and glass coffee table and ornate candle sticks give their golden look to this pretty living room, while a contemporary frameless painting adds vibrant color. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these spaces with a dash of gold? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to stop by our blog for more home decor, lighting and interior inspirations!



Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s inspiration board is a little bit vintage with a dash of love. enjoy!


{image source: BoutonniereTableStairsRed BouquetChair }

From Inspiration to Reality

Wedding planning may be over but party planning is in full swing.  For the past few months I have been planning my husbands last weekend in his twenties.  The 30th birthday bash has gone from a Roaring Twenties Party  to a full-blown Fiesta!  But not cheesy fiesta – modern fiesta. Almost complete with a mechanical bull until legalities got in the way.  (Add lawsuit to the list of things I never want to deal with.)

To gather ideas for the party, I searched my favorite social media site, Pinterest for inspiration and got to work creating some DIY crafts.  So without further ado…Here is my first project.

Inspiration: I found this “Bar” sign and fell in love with vintage feel and look. I thought it would be easy to create since the background is simple and chic and the red gives it a pop of color.

To recreate without breaking the bank I headed to the local craft store and found cardboard letters – each about 12″ high and priced at $3 each (with a coupon) and one small bottle of red paint, priced at about $0.59.  A bargain!

With just a few coats of paint to achieve the right hue.  The bar sign was ready to make its debut!

I plan on hanging the sign on a white wall and setting up everything similar to the “inspiration” picture.  Minus the pretty chandelier.

The party is on Saturday. I’ll post the finished product next week!

Oh! and follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Happy planning! xoxo

Thirsty Thursday: The Dreamer



Meet The Dreamer. A simple cocktail made with pink lemonade, Bacardi rum, and a dollop of cool whip.

{image source}


This drink can be prepared in a large batch before a party and served in a pretty decanter or beverage server.  If you want to get super fancy….replace the Cool Whip with cotton candy and you got yourself a party in a glass.  Enjoy!
Happy planning! xoxo





Thirsty Thursday – The Sarasota

This Thirsty Thursday inspiration is brought to you:  pinterest and

The Sarasota   

1 large bottle of Moscato or Riesling Wine  (My inexpensive yet delicious recommendations: The Naked Grape or Barefoot Wine, either would make a great addition to this recipe)
1 can of raspberry lemonade concentrate
a splash of sprite (Keep it low-calorie with a splash of seltzer water or club soda instead)
crushed raspberries (Fresh or Frozen)
mix everything together
add a pretty striped straw and enjoy!

Let Them Eat {Wedding} Cake!

{image source}

I’ve been married for exactly one week and I’ve been asked numerous times if anything feels different. The answer I give everyone is the same – It feels no different. It’s kinda like a birthday.  You anticipate the day but after it’s gone, everything is still the same. Nothing feels different…well maybe I feel a little broke. But besides that…nothing out of the norm.

In fact, the wedding almost feels like it was a dream and although I wouldn’t change a thing, there are a few things I would have done differently.

Don’t Procrastinate: I waited until last-minute to do a few things like pack for the weekend and get everything I needed together.  Because I was scrambling to get everything ready the day of – the morning flew by and I forgot the gift box…Don’t forget your gift box!

Start Early: I arrived at the hotel around noon and most of my bridesmaids didn’t show up until 2pm.  Even though some were getting their hair and make-up done elsewhere it was really chaotic in the bridal suite. I would highly suggest having everyone arrive earlier than you think you need them there.  Something will happen that will cause you to run a little late.  For example. I hit every red light and the bridge.  Gotta love Florida! Plus, the last hour will flew by and we were rushing out of the bridal room with handbags, flip flops and clothes from the morning.  We had no time to stash them in a room so we carried everything to the church.  No fun!  My Valentino shoe box got crushed in the chaos! So upsetting.

Take More Pictures: I love pictures so I have no idea how this was overlooked.  But with all the excitement my camera was a no-show.  Luckily, a good friend grabbed her camera and stopped by the bridal suite to snap a few shots before the professional photographer got there.  I haven’t seen any of her pictures yet but hopefully some will leak soon.  Another thing I wish I had was a videographer. Because I went over budget (by a lot) I opted to save money and forgo the video.  I did however ask a bridesmaid to film some memories using my Sony Bloggie. If this is a route you are planning on taking I suggest having a plan to follow.  Some suggestions: Video of the girls getting ready, the guys getting ready, the bride getting into her dress, the girls/guys walking to the limo, highlights of the ceremony and the grand entrance just to name a few.

 Don’t Hand The Top Layer of Your Cake to Random Hotel Workers - After the wedding is over there is a possibility you will do something without thinking clearly. Case in point – The top layer of my wedding cake was delivered to my hotel room in a pretty white box, unfortunately the air conditioner in the hotel room was broken so I called downstairs to ask for a new room and a refrigerator to place my cake in for safe keeping. We were moved to a new room and my cake was taken by a friendly employee….who lost my cake. I did however have another cake made and it is now safe in my freezer.

{My pretty little cake top)

Traditionally, you are supposed to freeze the cake and eat it on your one year anniversary.  My cake was amazing and there was no way I could go one whole year without getting my hands into that deliciousness. So, I cut my cake into 12 petite pieces and  wrapped each slice individually.  My husband (so weird!and I will eat one slice of cake on the 11th of each month (the 11th is the day we were married) for the next 12 months. I also thought it would be a cute idea if we each wrote a letter to each other that we would open and read on our first anniversary.  Sappy I know. But if get to eat wedding cake every month I am willing to get a little sappy!

Here’s what to do: Cut your cake into 12 slices. Make sure you count.  I mistakenly cut only eight slices and had to unwrap a few slices and re-cut.  Wrap each slice individually – I used two pieces of Glad Press and Seal and two pieces of Reynolds Wrap Tin Foil.  Each slice was wrapped a total of four times each.   I placed all 12 slices in the cake box it was delivered in and wrapped that in tin foil too.  Better safe than sorry…right?

Once I have the letter from my husband and myself (which I need to write soon!) I am going to tape it either in the inside of the box or underneath.  I am praying the freezer doesn’t malfunction and ruin our letters… We shall see.

PS. The image above is from our engagement shoot.  I can not wait to see the wedding photos!

Up Next On The Undomestic Bride: Mini-Moons, Thank You Cards and Wedding Rehab Oh My!

Top It Off: Cake Toppers

So, we picked out our cake. It was a pretty hard task, tasting all the different flavors and deciding on only one. But we did it and we will be serving our guests a vanilla rum cake with a hint of almond. The three-tier cake will be adorned with rhinestones and maybe a few orchids.

To top it off I thought I wanted rhinestone initials until I found this:

I found the cute topper on Etsy and fell head over heels in love! The toppers are completely personalized and you can pick a theme or go with something a little less complicated.  They are hand-made by Anna Crafts and are reasonably priced at $150 and up.   The cake toppers are not only a great extra detail at the wedding but also a keepsake that can be cherished forever.

Here are a few of my favorites!

I will be placing an order and will share my pick soon!  You can find more cake topper creations from Anna Crafts here.

Happy planning! xoxo

The Penny Pinching Bride

With extra time on my hands I have been dividing my attention between wedding planning, job hunting and figuring out where I can cut corners without giving up my lavish life style. And by lavish I mean daily grande non-fat caramel macchiatos from Starbucks.

I thought about extreme couponing and quickly decided there had to be a better way. So, I committed myself to figuring out how to lower my weekly grocery bill without starving myself and turning into one of those dangerous coupon people.  (No offense to any one that partakes in couponing.  I feel it’s just a little too extreme for me.)

{image source}

So, what am I going to do you ask? Well I scanned over my recent supermarket receipt and noticed a few things…first, I barely bought anything edible and second what I did buy, that I could consume was either chicken or prepackaged items like salsa and hummus.  Things I could probably make from scratch for a fraction of the price.

Now to answer your question,(what the hell am I going to do) I plan on adding “find grocery deals” to my ever-growing task list. But I promise it will not be anything extreme and I will post any relevant coupons here for your savings enjoyment. Sharing is caring right?

Here are a few deals I found so far:

Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer – Every bride-to-be needs a delicious cup of coffee

Pom Wonderful - I always want to buy this when I’m at the store..but can’t fathom spending so much on a drink

Cereal – Perfect for breakfast and a mid-day snack

Michael’s - For the DIY bride

Every penny counts! enjoy! xoxo