A Modern Affair

If I had the opportunity to plan my wedding again…Modern Lounge

I would create a modern lounge area out side and add a vibrant pop of color


Add a little fruit

Chevron, preppy wedding

And of course some chevron to pull it all together

{image Source Lounge, Place Cards, Table}

Happy planning! xoxo

Say Cheese!

If you are looking for an all-in-one prop box for your next event, I can help you out!  Checkout my new Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/UndomesticBride and take a look at the “Prop Box” Image

The all-in-one kit includes; 5 handcrafted felt props, one pair of glasses of your choice, one finished wooden prop box, and a “Prop” ribbon.   This little box of fun is perfect for any soirée or wedding!

Each and every piece is made with love by hand and each order can be customized. 

At my recent wedding we had a photo booth and it was a huge hit.  Everyone had a blast grabbing a goofy prop and grinning for the camera.  We sent our guests their pictures with our thank you cards as an added favor.  I highly recommend thinking about a photo booth at your event and there’s so many way to incorporate the booth without going over budget. 

Happy Planning! xoxo

Five Things Every Bride Needs

 {A Great Pair of Shoes- That you can dance all night in}

{image source}

{A Garter Belt- One to throw and one to save}

{image source}

{Lip Gloss-To reapply after the ceremony and before pictures}

{image source}

{A Clear Umbrella-Just in case it rains}

{image source}

{A Great Group of Friends-To stand beside you}

Happy Planning! xoxo

Wedding Card Box: Simple and Easy

One of my biggest wedding mistakes was forgetting a card box.  Not only did it leave guests confused as to where to leave their cards but it was a hassle trying to round-up gifts.  I’m sure there is some kind of etiquette about asking for your gifts at a reception but sometimes you have to break the rules… I found this super easy idea while I was supposed to be writing a paper on ethics (grad school gets in the way of everything)…and had to share.  All you need is a wooden box-I found one at Micheal’s Arts and Crafts store, Clothes Pins, Pretty Ribbon and if you have extra time a coat of paint to match your wedding colors. It’s simple and with a little creativity you can make it pretty!

Happy Planning! xoxo

A Little Inspiration {Board}

I am officially the Unemployed Bride.  I had to resign from a job I recently accepted due to a health issue caused by the products being tested in the office.  So, with all my free time (and in between job searching and wedding planning), I decided to attempt to create a few inspiration boards.  Below is my first attempt after a five month hiatus from Photo Shop.

 {Image sources can be found here}

Save The Date!

After searching everywhere for the perfect save the date, I finally decided on a nautical inspired card that fits my wedding style perfectly. I ordered from By Invitation Only on Etsy.com and I couldn’t be happier.  The Etsy shop owner, Laura was super easy to work with and the quality of the cards and work definitely surpassed my expectations.

If you are looking for save the date cards, invitations or wedding programs check out the By Invitation Only shop online. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Happy planning!