A Coco Chanel Bridal Shower-Classy and Fabulous

I’m up in the air about a bridal shower.  I started planning one. Stopped. Started again. And finally gave up.  As much as I want to have a party, the thought of putting something together, planning and paying for it myself was a little overwhelming.  In a perfect world, my bridesmaids would come together to plan something small but it doesn’t seem like that’s an option. Well, that was my thinking until my fiance’s sister called the other day and told me to send her some of my ideas. I’m not sure if her delegating will get the girls on board but it did get me thinking of some new ideas.  And that is when my Coco Chanel inspired bridal shower was born. Suddenly, my creativity was in full force and visions of macaroons started dancing around in my pretty little head.

{Image Source: 1, 2345}

The party will have a little black dress only dress code, finger foods and sparkling French lemonade (the daintier the snacks the better), chic black and white invites, and party favors consisting of tiny lotions from Bath and Body Works, preferably their new scent, Paris Amour. We will wipe away crumbs with cocktail napkins printed with Chanel inspired quotes, sip from stripped paper straws and for dessert, we will feast on petite desserts, Petit Fours, and of course French macaroons.

The decor would be simple and sophisticated with a delicate color palette of pink, black and white, fresh flowers will grace the tables and there will be lots of candles.  A perfect event, until I realized I was back to planning my own bridal shower….